Rock of Finland

Inspiration. From the historical events of the Raate Road, the forests whispering voices of the battles, witnessing the critical events of Finnish Winter War that effected on Finland´s Independence.

Design. The Rock of Finland collection was inspired by Honor badge, honoring the Finns rocky road and co-operation through our century-long history.

It is said. "Though through the grey stone". When passing through this rough dark grey stone, the inside reveals darker than dark black natural stone from terrains of Raate Road, Kainuu. Correctly split and polished, the result is a hard, scratch-resistant, glossy Absolute Black finish, a whimsical, gutsy Finnish stone that lasts through rough weathers.

Finland 100. The product is official celebration of Finland 100-years product.

218,00 €

Rock Of Finland - Tie clip

275,00 €

Rock Of Finland - Cufflinks

210,00 €

Rock Of Finland - Earrings

235,00 €

Rock Of Finland - Necklace

50,00 €

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